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About Chelsea

You can find me at the rock climbing gym, cooking a new recipe in the kitchen, at a local brewery or crafting up something on my computer. I'm always trying new things and I love to stay busy whether it's doing something outdoors, crafting indoors or creating on the computer. I'm thankful for growing up in the 90's because it shaped my interests and who I am today. I remember creating simple websites for the Internet when I was seven or eight. I've always lived for computers whether it was using a typing program to learn to type fast when I was young or using HTML and CSS to update my MySpace layout.

I tried to take every computer class I could in high school and then pursued a degree with computers. When I first went to college I was undecided so I would tell my advisor I was interested in doing something creative with computers. They told me that degree didn't exist and my only option was Computer Science. I learned Java and C++ before Michigan State University came out with a new degree path called Media and Information. With this degree I was able to study front end development and that led me to where I am today! I always had an internship and side projects in college which helped me become prepared for the workforce with all types of experiences. 

Favorite song

I Want To Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston

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favorite beer

Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout

Every problem can have multiple solutions. To see them you have to look at the big picture overall. Don’t limit yourself to just one route.