Top Ten Albums of 2013

It's that time of year where everyone starts to list off their top ten favorite ____ of 2013. I've seen a few renditions of Top Ten Albums of 2013 so I thought I'd post my version.

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10. Wolf - Tyler, the Creator

This entire album is so brilliant and puts a smile on my face, including when I look at the album cover. You can listen on Spotify.

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9. Mechanical Bull - Kings of Leon

I didn't really listen to Kings of Leon before this album because I thought they were old school and boring. Mechanical Bull totally proves my wrong. My first favorite song off this album was "Comeback Story", but now I love every single song. You can listen on Spotify.


8. Bankrupt! - Phoenix

Phoenix has always been on the edge of my radar, but once I saw them live at Lollapalooza they consumed my mind. This album is electric and if you ever have the chance to see them live DO NOT pass up that opportunity. You can listen on Spotify.


7. because the internet - Childish Gambino

There's a lot of meaning behind Childish Gambino's lyrics and so I was totally engulfed by this album. There's even a script that goes along with the album! My favorite off this album is "IV. sweatpants". You can listen on Spotify.


6. Settle - Disclosure

I hopped on the Disclosure bandwagon late in the year. There's something unique about this album that I can't get enough of but I'm not stopping until I get sick of these songs. The song "Latch" is a popular favorite. You can listen on Spotify.

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5. The Speed of Things - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

I saw Jr. Jr. live twice this year and once last year, and I've never been disappointed. It seemed like an eternity in between their album releases, but after two months I still can't stop listening to this one. If you like their music, you'll be blown away by their live performance. They really put on quite the show for their hometown, Detroit. I recently bought the limited edition black vinyl and it's a beautiful thing. You can listen on Spotify.

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4. AM - Arctic Monkeys

I rarely listened to Arctic Monkeys before this album, but now it's all I think about. I can't believe how amazing this album sounds! My two top favorites off this album are "Arabella" and "Mad Sounds". Get your concert tickets now because they're selling out fast (Detroit already did)! You can listen on Spotify.


3. Pure Heroine - Lorde

You probably already know how I feel about this album from my previous blog post so I won't go into details. This album is on almost everyone's top favorites as it should be. She just announced a North American tour. Tickets for the Detroit show are already sold out which is not surprising at all since she's become a huge name in everyone's lives! You can listen on Spotify.


2. Days are Gone - HAIM

These girls came out of nowhere in my world but they are on fire. This album gives off such an 80's vibe that it reminds me of Immaculate Collection by Madonna. I also gave a full review of this album in a previous blog post. My Song 5 is still my favorite song off this album, but no song really disappoints. You can listen on Spotify.

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1. Modern Vampires of the City - Vampire Weekend

If you haven't listened to this album or artist yet, I'm pretty sure you missed all of 2013. Vampire Weekend puts so much meaning behind every single word in every single song. You could spend hours researching the meaning behind each song. Trust me, I have. Their songs range from politics, religion, New York City, and pop culture. This band just keeps developing more and more with each album, so their songs just get better and better. I also saw them live at Lollapalooza and it was good vibes all around. You can listen on Spotify.

Honorable Mentions

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