Top Ten Albums of 2014

Now I know I'm REALLY late with this post but I honestly couldn't make up my mind for a while on who deserved to be on this list. Last year I had to make honorable mentions because there were too many good albums. This year I was struggling to even put ten together. 

I'm not going to tag my Top Ten Albums of 2013 post because my perspective has changed so much since then that it's not even accurate anymore.


10. Turn Blue - Black Keys

Black Keys have always been a favorite of mine. This album isn't as good as old Black Keys but it's still good enough that I catch myself listening to it.

9. Lost on the River - The New Basement Tapes

This album was a surprise but I fell in love with it immediately! It's all of my favorite people in one. Four out of five of the band members will be at I see a surprise set in our future?!


8. Strangers - RAC

I listened to RAC all day everyday for the first four months of 2014. Catchy songs and I love every single one of them!

7. In The Lonely Hour - Sam Smith

According to Spotify, Sam Smith was my most played artist in 2014. It's a lie because I listen remotely in the car so it's not tracking 80% of my listening BUT that doesn't mean I didn't listen to this album on repeat for at least a month. His voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.

6. Lazaretto - Jack White

One of the few rock albums that made it onto my list. This album never gets old and it's on my bucket list to see him live. He's just an outstanding performer. Even through my car speakers he blows me away.

5. Sirens - Gorgon City

If you hung out with me between October and December you caught me listening to this album on repeat. It's so addicting and catchy!

4. This Is All Yours - alt-J

alt-J has always been a top favorite of mine. I still listen to their first album on repeat at least once a month. I pre-ordered this album on vinyl and it did not disappoint. Definitely a different feel than An Awesome Wave but you can't always stay the same.

3. ZABA - Glass Animals

This album surprised me late in the year. I listened to random songs here and there but finally listened from beginning to end recently and wow. It deserves number three. Every single song is so weird. I love it.

2. Built On Glass - Chet Faker

Ugh his voice. The songs are great and all different. I also caught onto this one late in the year but I haven't stopped listening yet. I really need to see him live (especially if it's with Flume).

1. Lost In The Dream - The War on Drugs

Hands down number one. My friend Tom showed me this album back in October and man does it stick in your brain. As soon as the first song picks up it has you hooked. Very different vibe than the rest of the albums on my list but it gives me the chills every time I listen. Cannot wait to see them at Bonnaroo.

Chelsea Figlan

Front-End Developer/UX Designer, New Baltimore, MI, United States