2015 In Review...so far

I know I'm a little late on the beginning of the year update. A lot has happened since June 2014 and even more has happened in just the last two months! I've accomplished so much at work and have grown since I started over a year ago. In January I was nominated for Rookie of the Year! I learn more and more everyday at work. I can't believe how far I've come in 13 months and can't wait to see how much more I'll grow a year from now. I've made so many friends at HelloWorld and love working with every single one of them.

I moved to Ferndale! Found a great apartment at a great location so I jumped on the opportunity before anyone else could. I couldn't be happier with the apartment and how my commute went from an hour and a half on snowy days to just four minutes. My car thanks me for it. Speaking of cars, I bought one in August (thank you Aaron)...and I ADOPTED A DOG. Mackenzie is a two year old pitbull mix and she loves to cuddle. It's really true when they say that a dog is the same soul as it's owner. She's ridiculous and weird just like me. It's the best because my apartment has hardwood floors so she runs like Scooby Doo when we play fetch (or when the smoke alarm is going off and you're sprinting around the apartment to open all of the windows). 

The opportunity to move to Seattle arose but it didn't work out so I know it wasn't meant to be. It'll happen someday!

Some goals for 2015: make it out to Pictured Rocks and kayak out to Turnip Rock. Participate in at least one Slow Roll. Plan a trip out to Seattle (what up Chi). Dip back into the research side of technology. Manage to grow some sort of "garden" this summer even though I'm in an apartment. Most importantly, have the best time at Bonnaroo.

Until next time...

Chelsea Figlan

Front-End Developer/UX Designer, New Baltimore, MI, United States